Grand Temptation Tower

Grand Temptation Tower

This 2-Box Temptation Sized Grand Tower includes the following items:

Tier 1: 12  1 ” x 2.25″ Gail’s Brownie Temptations and Gail’s Coffee Blend

4 Gail’s Original Chocolate Chip Brownies
4 Triple Layered Salted Carmel Brownies
2 Give me S’More Brownies
2 Cookies n’Cream Chocolate Overload Brownies
1 1/2 pound bag of Gail’s Brownie Blend Coffee. The coffee is a smooth light blend of delicious coffee, roasted locally by Hansa Coffee

Tier 2:  12  1.75” Gail’s Gourmet Cookie Temptations

4 Gail’s Original Over The Top Chocolate Chip Cookies
4 Give Me S’more Cookies
4 Over The Top Salted Carmel Cookies

Price: $52.45 + Shipping.

Gail's Brownies - Grand TowerA Perfect Way to Say Thank You or for Any Special Occasion!

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